Reward money of Rs. 50 Lacs to all ranks killed in enemy action

Reward money of Rs.50 Lacs to all ranks killed in enemy action in a notified international war or war like engagements which are specially notified by Ministry of Defence (M.O.D) Ex-gratia grant to the families of the personnel on being killed while on duty in encounter with terrorist, or I.E.D blast and to the disabled personnel who are boarded out on account of the disability is as below: - (Policy revised on 02-08-2016 Both applicable w.e.f. 16-01-2015)

Category Officers/officials
Killed in Encounter with Terrorists

50 lacs

Killed in I.E.D. Blast

50 lacs

Disabled 75% and above

15 lacs

Disabled 50% to 74%

10 lacs

Disabled 25% to 49%

5 lacs