AFFDF-Financial assistance for procuring mobility equipment to disabled ESM(All ranks)


The Armed Forces personnel, by virtue of their work style, are physically fit.Even after their retirement, most of them continue to be engaged in physically challenging activities/work. Some of them unfortunately become handicapped due to accident etc after their retirement and need mobility equipment such as modified scooter, crutches and wheel chair to carry on with their life. To procure mobility requirements, the KSB provides financial assistance to disabled ESM from AFFDF.


The aim of this aid gratis is to provide financial assistance for procurement of modified scooter for those ESM, who are disabled after their retirement from service with disability of 50% or more.

Financial Assistance

Out of AFFDF is provided upto a maximum of Rs. 57,500/- per ESM, who are disabled after their service with disability of 50% or more.

Eligibility Conditions

The following criteria must be fulfilled:-

  • (a) Applicant must be ESM disabled after retirement from the service with disability of50% or more, and not covered under similar scheme of the Army/Navy/Air Force.
  • (b) Should be recommended by respective Zila Sainik Board (ZSB).
  • (c) Should be capable of personally utilizing the mobility equipment so provided.