RMDF-Financial Assistance for Education of Children/Widows of ESM


This scheme to provide financial assistance to ESM and their widows for helping them in educating their wards was started in 1981 with an amount of Rs 15/- per child per month for a maximum of three children up to Class XII. This scheme was last revised in Oct 2011 into a monthly grant of Rs 1000/- per month per child (for maximum two children) up to graduation and also for widows to pursue Post Graduation degree.


Aim of this scheme is to provide scholarship to up to a maximum of two dependent children of ESM or their widows, up to the ranks of Havildar in the Army and equivalent in the Navy and Air Force, and to widows for post graduation degree course.

Financial Assistance

For education is provided out of AFFD Fund @ Rs.1000/- per month per head (up to max two children) of eligible ESM and their widows, for the previous academic year, payable in one installment in a financial year. This is applicable for classes 1 to 12 of school and undergraduate classes of a degree college. This grant is also admissible to widows who wish to pursue 2-year post graduate degree. This grant is not applicable for any of the professional or technical courses/degrees.

Eligibility Conditions

The following criteria must be fulfilled to avail this grant:-

  • (a) Applicant must be an ESM/ widow/Orphan dependent.
  • (b) Should be of rank Havildar/equivalent and below.
  • (c) The child should have passed the previous class.
  • (d) Should be recommended by respective Zila Sainik Board (ZSB).
  • (e) Should not be drawing education allowance from the State or his Employer.